Welcome to Midas Touch

Midas Touch is an outdoor advertising agency that specializes in Out-of-Home Media. We help advertising agencies of all sizes tap into the huge benefits of Out-of-Home advertising. Our core competency is in simplifying single market and multimarket Out-of-Home media buys. We are your single source for local, regional and national Out-of-Home campaigns & event marketing.Read More



Advertising hoardings are one of the most effective means of outdoor advertising. Most companies make use of advertising hoardings to popularize their products and services. Based in India, Midas Touch is counted among theleading providers of advertising hoardings. With many years of effort, Midas Touch has build up an unchallenged reputation in providing exceptional customer service and best quality products.Read More

Advertising Balloons

Here comes the name ‘inflatable advertising’ in outdoor and indoor. Hence, other prominent names seen quite adamant to make it accessible for every ad seeker. Basically inflatable advertising refers air filled commercial signage inflatable balloons or sky balloons. Unlike banners and posters, these stuffs can be exhibited into varieties of shapes and size. Hence, inflatable advertising signage becomes livelier.Read More

Exhibition Display

The exhibition displays designed and manufactured by us are lightweight and portable, available in variant sizes and shapes. Our exhibition displays are the best solution for large corporate sectors and many other industries. There are various categories of exhibition display manufactured by us like display banner boards, book display stands and exhibition signages. We fabricate and export these products according t our consumer’s desire and specifications.Read More

Glow Sign Board

We, at Midas Touch, manufacture glow sign boards in different shapes and sizes that are available at affordable prices. Our glow sign boards are made of high quality material like PVC flex, acrylic material and polycarbonate. The glow signboards exported by us are used for promotional purpose in market likes malls, shops, roads and highways. We manufacture variant glow sign boards for numerous industries.Read More